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What is it like to be locked up in Beki's BDSM cage. Well, you are about to find out as she dominate's you through those cold iron bars. Watch her tease you with her whip, paddle and submission inducing BDSM devices knowing that you can't move or escape her torment.

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Louise is bound up in cling wrap and gaffer taped up, giving her a neck to toe mummification enclosure. At the mercy of her Mistress, she is laid down on the floor and is rigged up with electrodes for full stimulation.

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Louise Gets Mummified - View Set
Louise shows you what could happen to you if she gets her hands on you. She shows you her sitting cross with fitted cuffs. Watch her demonstrate how tight the cuffs are, how they are fastened and how she would fit a tight collar onto you.

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Natalie is under the control of her Mistress and is locked in a rubber straitjacket. She has her ankles bound in leg iron and the jacket secured to a metal frame with rope. Once locked in place, Natalie is enclosed in a hood, blindfolded & gagged. Then played with by her devine Mistress.

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Welcome to Mistress Nina's dungeon equipped with the essentials to get you submitting.

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A helpless slave has inch of his body mummified The layers of duct tape bind him securely, his head is taped up and a tube inserted into his mouth. Once he is totally secure, he will be ready for his next treatment.

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Mistress Louise shows off her rubber gimp. Inside the heavy rubber hood, thick shiny bondage suit, tight neck corset and breathing tube is a helpless yet horny slave.

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PVC Nurse Naomi will see you now...

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