Getting ready for an afternoon of tight secure bondage. Latex very much the theme with a full latex catsuit, skintight hood with latex pigtails followed by a rubber corset.
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Wearing a Rubber Tracksuit, fetish model Michaela is put in full rubber enclosure incorporating a heavy inflatable rubber sleepsack with secure rubber straps, a skintight rubber hood, neck corset and gasmask with attachment smellbag. This is rubber encasement at another level.
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Tight & secure is the rubber doll as she is racked up in heavy rubber whilst ensuring intense genital stimulation. She wears a rubber binder suit, hood, collar and breathing mask.
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Claire is bound up and transformed into a rubber doll with hood, steel-boned waist and neck corset, collar, arm binders and rubber and metal lined restraints. This doll is going nowhere!!!
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A cute girl is locked in wooden stocks and takes her boyfriends dick in her mouth. She's not let out until she finishes the job.
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Known simply as The Corset Doll.... This is Claire bound up in her Masters office to entertain him for the day.
Bound up in very tight and heavy neck and waist clincher corsets.
She is also bound up in arm binders and leg cuffs -
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Jack takes his wife to the bedroom and ties her in for the night. The perfect night bondage, inescapable and totally secure! - View Gallery

Mark's wife is no ordinary wife. She is also her husband's rubber doll and sex slave. Watch as she is covered head to toe in rubber, locked in the wooden pillory system and gives her Master oral pleasure. Locked firmly she is perfectly placed for her duties. She enjoys her rubber doll play.
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Fetish model Michaela is tied up with rope wearing her black rubber catsuit, thigh high boots and her latex steel boned corset - View Gallery

Master Callum takes his submissive girlfriend on a date in a fancy restaurant but insists she stays cocooned in her rubber inflatable suit and hood. He orders drinks and enjoys his sexy rubber companion. - View Gallery

More kinky fun in the office as fetish model Michaela goes in a rubber gasmask to have a bit of fun with a rebreather bag - View Gallery

Here we have the gorgeous Naomi who is wearing a red and black shiny pvc catsuit and is modeling our heavy duty leather restraints - View Gallery

Rubber clad Michaela is encased in a rubber inflatable bodybag restricting her movement all around her body. She is taken to one of the bedrooms and tied to the bed using high strength rope, holding her perfectly still preventing any wriggling. She has a couple of layers of hoods placed over her head. She is then wired up with electric shock pads and vibrating vaginal plugs and teased and tormented for a few hours. She always enjoys some heavy rubber fun! - View Gallery

Jenny swaps fashion and catwalk modelling to dress in a second skin of rubber. With a steel-boned rubber waist clincher, steel-poled neck posture collar and inflated rubber breasts, she is transformed from blonde bombshell to rubber doll. After getting adjusted to the feeling of tight full body rubber she then gets into her latex hood and is trussed up in suspended cuffs - View Gallery

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing a woman in uniform? The woman in question is Naomi a gorgeous fetish model from the south of England who cannot get enough of modelling in fetish and bondage equipment. See Naomi as she dresses in a pvc white nurse uniform and is bound securely to the bondage cross while sporting a ball gag - View Gallery

Mistress Payne has her slave striped, tied up and teased with nipple clamps, whips and rope - View Gallery

Natalie is the star of this shoot. She is wearing her own personal red spandex catsuit and our restrictive arm binders which only the most flexible individuals can wear - View Gallery

Dressed in a PVC dress and pink thigh high PVC boots... Jennifer is gagged in a pony bit harness, put in leg spreaders and cuffed! - View Gallery

Carmel gets attached to the cross and imprisoned. With ankles, wrists and neck shackled firmly in place she wont be going anyway for a while - View Gallery

Michaela was getting on our nerves so we thought we would put her to good use as a footstool during the match. She is wearing a rubber catsuit, thigh high PVC boots, a heavy rubber hood and scent bag and heavy duty restraints. She laid there for the whole second half and the extra time!! - View Gallery

Here we have Naomi wearing a skimpy pink bikini; she tries out a few of our latest bondage items & then gets a go at being attached to our bondage cross. Firstly, she tries our leather arm binders which only the most flexible model can wear! Later, she tries a large ball gag on for size as well as a strict rubber neck corset which is locked around her neck, ensuring she keeps her head held upwards. A photo shoot not to be missed!!! - View Gallery

The rubber dolls waiting room is a scary place to be, a time to contemplate what could happen. This rubber girl is taken to the rubber waiting room to await her Master... - View Gallery

This slave is bound in tight rubber, spread across the bed with a tube inserted in her mouth. The tube is attached inside her, positioned on her clit to give her stimulation as she breaths in and out. Everytime she exhales she gets an uncontrollable stimulation - View Gallery

Jennifer is bound, gagged and hogtied on a cold concrete dungeon floor as punishment for poor performance on her duties. She remains in her pink PVC boots and PVC outfit. Her boyfriend & Master requested she be kept there until she'd leant how to perform to perfection - View Gallery

Master Callum puts his girlfriend in rubber & PVC boots, collars her and ties her up in rope rendering her totally secure and at his mercy - View Gallery

Here is the petite Jennifer, dressed in skin-tight PVC with thigh-high boots. She is wrapped up tightly in clingwrap and tied in tight leather belts to keep her well and truly secure. She is gagged with a rubber neck and mouth corset and collar... - View Gallery

Michaela is fully enclosed in the tight and heavy inflatable sleepsack on the kitchen floor. Arms bound in the internal sleeves and inflated to stop any minor attempt at movement. All she can think about is the tightness of the rubber pushing against her and what might happened to her next... - View Gallery

We dress Jenny in her finest metallic red Spandex catsuit. She is bound up with leather armbinders, a steel boned posture neck collar and a pony head harness gag system. Enjoy our new ponygirl slave... - View Gallery

Rubber fetish model Michaela arrives back at her hotel room to have some rope bondage fun. Her Master for the night gets her rubbered up and ties her to the 4 poster bed in a tight rope web. - View Gallery

Office secretary is tied up under cold jet wash water. Watch her get soaked whilst struggling to escape the freezing water in this predicament video - View Video

Dressed in her finest rubber school uniform... Naomi is bound, gagged, used & teased. She sports the latex hood and rubber gasmask and ends up with numb hands and arms thanks to the tight and restrictive armbinders binding her arms tightly behind her back. - View Gallery

Naomi is dressed in a white catsuit and put in inflatable ball mitts, gasmask and red rubber collar. Watch her enjoy the exposure and objectification of being used as a fetish model - View Gallery

The wife of our webmaster is transformed into a fully clad multi-layered rubber slave to do one of many shoots for the site, she has her clothes locked away and is dressed up in a tight rubber catsuit and put in a hood, gagged and has a gas mask put over the top of her - View Gallery

Michaela is encased in rubber and bound securely. She listens to fetish videos on the headphones, knowing the very same will soon happen to her. She is put in a latex skintight hood, collared and inflated. Further bound up she has electrodes attached to her exposed genitals and has her Masters naked penis as a gag - View Gallery

Sara is bound in a PVC uniform. She types out 100 lines about her most favourite fetish using a special mouth gag to type with whilst being bound up to the computer chair- View Gallery

Lucy has been put into a red inflatable catsuit with a black rubber corset. Our heavy duty restraints are used to pin her arms behind her back - View Gallery

How do you ensure your lovely slave girl doesn’t get up to any mischief while you go out with your mates for the evening? Well, you put her into a leather sleepsack, pull some heavy duty restraints around her, then attach them to a wooden frame which is nailed to the concrete floor. Then for added security, add a heavy rubber hood system which ensures she gets whatever scent you decide!!! - View Gallery

Rubber clad Michaela is encased in a rubber inflatable bodybag restricting her movement all around her body. She is taken to one of the bedrooms and tied to the bed using high strength rope, holding her perfectly still preventing any wriggling. She has a couple of layers of hoods placed over her head. She is then wired up with electric shock pads and vibrating plugs and teased and tormented for a few hours. She always enjoys some heavy rubber fun! - View Gallery

Callum sits and watches some television while his rubber toy sits beside him fully rubbered up in a skin tight heavy bondage suit, restraints and a hood with rubber nose tubes - View Gallery

Michaela begins to dress herself in her favourite black full body rubber catsuit. She continues to put her PVC thigh high boots on ensuring they perfectly hug her thighs. She poses for the camera with a few restraints and ends up wearing the hanging head and wrist stock device - View Gallery

Bound in the utility room, Sara has her head dipped in cold water - View Gallery

Clingwrap mummification, Gemma is mummified in extra strong clingwrap and strapped in uncomfortable positions - View Gallery

A kinky day in the office... Michaela dresses in a latex nun outfit and places herself in a latex pigtail hood to have a little bit of fetish fun!!! - View Gallery

Feeling horny in his hotel room, Craig decides to call for room service, the maid, Sara, arrives and he realises it's the same maid who split drink on him in the lobby, which is a sackable offense in a 5 star hotel. Worried about Craig telling her bosses and loosing her job, she knows she has to obey whatever Craig wants. As she steps into the hotel room she is told to put on a shiny tight catsuit and wait for instructions. She is then locked into tight leather restraining cuffs, and has an inflatable butterfly gag inserted in her mouth, she then gets bound to a chair and because she began to mumble, has her gag inflated, filling her mouth entirely. She agrees to be Craig's personal rubber clad slave for not getting her fired from the hotel - View Gallery


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